You Give Love a Bad Name: Man arrested for using bomb warnings t o stop girlfriend leaving

  • Three bomb warnings made to Hong Kong International Airport
  • Police searched the airport with dogs, found nothing, no closures or delays
  • Suspect is thought to have been attempting to stop a flight which his girlfriend was on

A 41 year old man has been arrested on suspicion of having made repeated bomb hoaxes at Hong Kong International Airport. He is reported to have made three  calls over the course of an hour, from three separate phones, within the airport. Police identified the suspect using CCTV footage. He was supposed to have had an argument with his girlfriend over the phone, and to have gone to the airport she was departing from in an effort to stop the plane departing when she refused to answer his calls.

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At around 3am on Sunday he was escorted to his home and detained. The police took a mobile phone, some clothes, sunglasses, and slippers.

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