Irish tour operator offers trauma counselling service to customers holidaying in Las Vegas following shooting tragedy


American Holidays has offered trauma counselling to customers who were in Las Vegas at the time of the gun attack on concert-goers at the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Tour operator boss John Devereux told Travel Extra that the company had 188 customers in the city, with two sets of clients actually at the concert in the hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

The counselling is being offered by Clarity Stress and Trauma, which works with tour operators, including American Holidays. Mr Devereux said no holidaymakers have as yet availed of the service, but clients had been thankful for the offer and its ongoing efforts to help clients on a case-by-case basis.

An email circulated by the company read: “A terrible and tragic incident such as the shooting in Las Vegas causes death and serious injury. Others who witness the incident, or who discover they were close by and could have become involved, are likely to be affected in other ways.

John Devereux 

“The incident may have been terrifying and shocking. Also, the feeling of powerlessness caused by someone shooting apparently randomly can leave a profound and lasting effect. You might even have witnessed horrifying scenes. Although incidents such as this shooting are fortunately rare, we take them very seriously at American Holidays.

“We know that the reactions caused by incidents of this kind can be very distressing and highly disruptive – interfering with your ability to get on with your routine or whatever you want to do. You may even worry about the impact on your thoughts and emotions, and may struggle to know what to do for the best.

“Many people find it helpful and reassuring to speak to someone who has had experience of supporting other people after similar events, and who can provide some information and guidance about reactions and how to manage them.

“We have arranged for some support of this kind from Clarity Stress and Trauma. Clarity is the provider of trauma support services to large group of Tour Operators including American Holidays. They are a small team of specialist consultants who have considerable experience of supporting people who are customers of, or who work within the travel industry. Of course, if you do decide to speak to them any conversations you have will be in confidence.

We would like to ask a consultant from Clarity to telephone you so they can introduce themselves and the service they offer. You will then be able to make an informed decision about if and when you would like to receive support. Please let us know if you consent to receive this call, or other members of your party, then we will make the arrangements.  Please include the best number/s to contact you at and any particular times that may not be suitable to call.”




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