Montreal A321neo & Minnesota B757 daily with Aer Lingus from July/August

  • Minneapolis/St Paul & Montreal added to network
  •  Both daily, using A321neo LR aircraft for Montreal; Boeing 757 for Minneapolis/St Paul
  • US service begins July 8 – Canadian service from August 8
  • CEO Stephen Kavanagh looking at more options in Canada and US

David Kennedy of Aer Lingus, Dalton Philips ceo of Dublin Airport and Muriel Cooke of Aer Lingus at the launch of the Aer Lingus routes to MSP and Montreal, September 12 2018

Aer Lingus trans-Atlantic expansion will see the addition of routes to  Minneapolis/St Paul and Montreal in summer 2019. It will bring to 23 airports and 34 routes the number of trans Atlantic services from Dublin, 15 of them from Aer Lingus. Air Canada have a seasonal 4w service to Montreal.

  • EI089 DUB1410 – 1655MSP 757 D
  • EI088 MSP1900 – 0840+1DUB 757 D

EY Partner Simon MacAllister with Aer Lingus CEO Stephen Kavanagh, September 12, 2018

Minneapolis-St. Paul (Twin Cities) is to commence on July 8 2019.  Dublin to MSP is about 60 miles further (great circle) than Chicago, so it will be the longest route from Dublin by narrow-body twin, initially B757.  Aer Lingus will offer connections from 12 UK and other European and points to Minneapolis-St. Paul, including Amsterdam, Paris, Edinburgh, London, Manchester. MSP is relatively poorly served to Europe (as are Seattle and Hartford). Unlike Pittsburgh, which recently received a 4w British Airways service for 2019, there are no direct flights from England and just three services from EuropeThe airport is dominated by Delta (71pc of passengers) which operates to Amsterdam, Paris CDG, Heathrow and seasonally Reykjavik. Aer Lingus has previously chosen United hubs as its key destinations.  No other IAG airline has announced regular transatlantic service to MSP.  Total passengers at MSP in 2017 were 38.0m. St Paul was long the headquarters of the Irish American Cultural Institute when headed up by Dr Eoin McKiernan.

  • EI099 DUB1850 – 2050YUL 321 D
  • EI098 YUL2220 – 0940+1DUB 321 D
Aer Lingus CEO Stephen Kavanagh at the launch of the airline's new routes to Minneapolis/St Paul and Montreal, Conrad Hotel, Dublin, September 12, 2018

Aer Lingus CEO Stephen Kavanagh at the launch of the airline’s new routes to Minneapolis/St Paul and Montreal, Conrad Hotel, Dublin, September 12, 2018

Montreal is to commence on August 8 2019 using A321LR, the first Aer Lingus A321LR transatlantic route. Aer Lingus will offer connections from 20 key UK and other European airports to Montreal, including Amsterdam, Paris, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes and Bordeaux and others.

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The schedule shows a westbound departure 2.5 hours later than any current Aer Lingus flight, one of the latest from Europe. This is probably driven by a drive for connections from French-speaking Europe. It does mean that there are unlikely to be significant connections onwards available at Montreal (none to NYC). It seems likely from the timetable that the A321LR will do some European flying during the day, possibly aimed at connections.

Aer Lingus previously operated to Montreal service (via Shannon) 1966-1979, a period in which scheduled service to Toronto was closed to most European airlines. Since the ban was lifted, most of them have shifted service to Toronto and relatively few serve Montreal in their own name, although the Air Canada Lufthansa group joint venture fills some gaps. Total passengers at Montreal in 2017 were 18.2m

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Simon McAllister, from research company EY (confusingly, the call sign of Etihad)  presented a report t the launch, the Economic Impact of Development of Dublin Airport as a hub.

Aer Lingus CEO  on new routes being considered to America

What Aer Lingus wants from Dublin Airport


Canadian Ambassador puts Aer Lingus CEO on the spot

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