Tourism Ireland forecasts 2pc increase in visitor numbers in 2018 as Brexit slows growth

  • Visitor numbers to increase by 2pc
  • Spend forecast to increase by 5pc 

Tourism Ireland Marketing plan for 2018 forecast visitor number growth of 2pc, slower than pre-Brexit patterns, but said that they would counter the slowdown by targeting high spending visitors to bring the increase in spend up to 5pc.
Texas is top of Niall Gibbons wish list of new routes for Christmas. The press conference at the event included questions on China, Germany and the shrinking marketing budget.

Niall Gibbons summary of 2017 performance emphasised that this was the best year ever for Irish tourism.

In 2018 Ireland will be targetting €6bn income from tourism with spend predicted to increase by 5p can visitor numbers by 2pc.

Niall Gibbons set out the priority in marketing plans for 2018, targeting higher spend customers as increase in visitor numbers is texpected to lag three points behind visitor spend.

Niall Gibbons summary of the Market Environment showed how access was increasing but competitiveness was a concern with price creep in food and beverage and hotel beds shortages in urban areas especially Dublin.

Ireland has location marketing plans around screen tourism. The hottest thing in film is Star Wars and the hottest thing on TV is series eight of Game of Thrones.

Marketing plans for Germany include TV and cinema campaigns, further cooperation with Dertour and collaboration with an outdoor clothing firm.

Plans for Australia are based around increased air access.

Plans for Britain include marketing cultural tourism to increase average spend as visitor numbers fall due to Brexit and currency fluctuation.

Plans for North America include an increase of emphasis on Canada.

Plans for Europe anticipate growth from the Benelux and Scandinavian countries and continued growth from Spain and Italy.

Plans for France include joint marketing with Irish Ferries to promote the new ferry WB Yeats and car tourism which enables daily sailings for the first time.

Pan-destination marketing activity includes an increased emphasis on digital

On Brexit outlined three responses by Tourism Ireland and the importance of tourism businesses getting the Failte Ireland information on getting Brexit ready.

He used the occasion to showcase Ireland’s third place marketing effectiveness rank at the Davos summit.

He talked about the success of the inexpensive global greening marketing campaign.

Joan O’Shaughnessy introduced the session with her own comments about the performance of Irish tourism.

Check out some of the guests at the marketing plan launch

See full presentation

See interview with Niall Gibbons, where he says Irish tourism’s traditional over dependence on four main markets is unlikely to end anytime soon.





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