Vanilla Islands looking to boost growth from Turkish Airlines flights

  • Vanilla Islands Association launches new tourism promotion initiative in central Europe.
  • 160 tour operators in the region have been connected with European industry contacts.

In a bid to further develop tourism in the Indian Ocean, the Vanilla Islands Association has begun a special development project with a particular focus on cruises.

The Vanilla Islands – consisting of Seychelles, Mauritius, Comoros, Mayotte and Maldives – has recently been boosted by new flights to Mauritius and Madagascar by the ninth-biggest airline in the world Turkish Airlines. The same airline is also developing new routes to the Seychelles making the Indian Ocean countries more accessible than ever.

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With Istanbul linked to over 290 destinations the opportunity for growth in the region has led to the VIA launching a promotion initiative in Hungary, Romania and Czech Republic.

Close to 160 tour operators have been connected with hotels, travel agencies and tourism industry contacts in order to develop ties and promote the region’s strengths.

Since Turkish Airlines began flying to the Vanilla Islands they have reported a growth rate of 85pc indicating the importance of the routes and relationship.




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